Fireproof Safe – A Great Way to Keep Crucial Documents Away from Harm

image4Fireproof safes help any business keep crucial documents, precious irreplaceable items, valuables, and various pieces of vital information to their operations safe and sound and away from any harm.

On top of all that, they also keep your valuable documents, files, and records in the best possible shape, giving you peace of mind whenever you’re not around your office. The truth is, your crucial documents will be safe and protected from water damage, burglary and fires if you practice safe usage and this is paramount for the success of your business.

Running a business involves operating with a large number of confidential and important records and documents, and the destruction or loss of these crucial documents might have devastating consequences for your organization.

Therefore, getting a fireproof safe is the best way to store your documents and keep them safe, secure, and protected at all times.

Practicing safe usage is the best way to prevent your valuable and precious documentation from getting destroyed by fire, flood or any other peril and natural disaster.

The most common fire hazards in the office



You don’t have to be a fire expert to realize how dangerous fire can be for your business. The potential loss of lives and data is something that enterprises have big trouble recovering from. Fire risks tend to be high in certain work environments, and if you don’t react quickly once a fire starts, it spreads at an enormous speed.

Having a fire protection system is therefore mandatory to remain safe and practice a safe working environment for your staff. That’s why having a fireproof safe is highly recommended.

With all this in mind, here are some of the most common fire hazards in the office that you should keep an eye on to minimize the risk of office fires.

One of the best ways to prevent office fires is to identify the biggest risks that are characteristic for your working environment, as this will help you act accordingly.

The most common office fire hazards are:

Damaged power cords

Working in a modern office means dealing with loads of electrical equipment including printers, lamps, photocopiers, monitors, computers, and various other appliances. All this electrical equipment includes wire casings that are prone to damage over time.

Exposed wiring carries a huge risk of not only fire but electric shock and sparks. If the sparking wiring is next to flammable materials, you have yourself a fire in the office.

Regular inspections of the wiring are, therefore, recommended, as this is usually enough to prevent a disaster from happening.

Combustible materials 

Every office has plenty of combustible materials and they are the main reason why fire spreads so quickly. Furnishings, waste bins, discarded packaging, loose paper, these are all flammable materials that fuel the fire. It’s even worse if aerosols and flammable adhesives are added to that mix.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely remove these materials from the equation. However, the risk of them catching fire can be significantly reduced by regularly cleaning your office and keeping it tidy, handling all flammable liquids with special care.

Blocked fire escapes and walkways

keeping walkways and corridors clear at all times is essential to maintaining a safe working environment. Staff vigilance is greatly recommended, as they should be aware of all the safety guidelines to prevent any further damage.

Overheated extension leads

Extension leads present a huge threat of fire and electric shock, as overheating can lead to them bursting into flames. The best recommendation is to use extension leads only if necessary. These leads are prone to overloading, which leads to overheating and that’s a risk you will want to avoid at all costs.

Computer equipment and laptops

Computers and laptops are mandatory equipment for any modern office, as they are fundamental to keeping a business fully functional and operational. Since this is electrical equipment, it includes wirings and risk of overheating. When combined with flammable liquids and combustible materials, the risk of fire in the office greatly increases.

How fire hazards in the office can set back your business


Once a fire starts in your office, if you and your staff aren’t prepared for such a situation, the consequences can be devastating. The loss of both data and lives is sometimes so great that a business can’t recover from such damage.

Fire consumes pretty much everything, from your data, equipment, and premises down to your personnel and if you’re not able to prevent this, you risk losing everything you’ve worked for.

Fireproof safes will successfully neutralize any threat

image3Fireproof safes can survive a fire and they can protect your valuables, crucial documents, and precious items from getting destroyed in a fire.

GTA Gardex fireproof safe offers full-time protection from such hazards and other types of natural disasters, keeping your crucial business documents safe and sound and away from any harm.

These safes provide the ultimate level of protection, as they come with Gard-Lite insulation, both proprietary and exclusive, with a special textured finish that is fire resistant and durable.

There’s no better way to secure your important business files than storing them in a fireproof safe. The GTA Gardex fireproof safe and fireproof filing cabinet is perfect for storing items such as:

  • Insurance policies
  • Financial and bank account information
  • Passports and IDs
  • Important data and information
  • Various items like important keys and cards
  • Valuables like cash
  • Hard drives and electric records

With Gardex File Cabinet Service, your business documentation will be protected at all times, but keep in mind that preventing a fire is better than taking care of damage afterward.

Even though a fireproof safe is an excellent solution to keep your valuables and documents protected, investing in proper fire risk assessment, as well as fire prevention system is the best way to ensure that your working environment is always protected.

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