Gardex Safe Repair

Repairing your Gardex Safe

If you have a Gardex safe that requires repair, it’s important to seek out the assistance of a professional with experience working with safes. Safes are complex pieces of equipment that require specialized knowledge and tools to repair. Attempting to make repairs on your own could result in further damage to the safe or even injury to yourself. A professional safe repair technician will be able to diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your Gardex Safe is fully restored to its optimal security features.



Gardex Safes Protect your Documents

Are you prepared for a potential fire disaster and the impact it could have on your critical information? Unlike planning a soirée, you cannot plan for a disaster, but you can take steps to be prepared for one. One such step is prioritizing a Gardex® Electronic Media Safe to protect your electronic media with vital records. Businesses store critical information on-site that is essential to their success. If not stored correctly, a fire can destroy this information in seconds and hinder a successful recovery. Gardex® Electronic Media Safes are designed to withstand a 1700°F fire for up to an hour, with a Gardex® certified insert that maintains internal temperatures below 125°F and humidity levels below 80%. This design begins with a UL® certified fire-rated safe, ensuring optimal protection for your vital records

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