GTA Gardex Safes – Keep Your Valuables from Prying Hands

image3 2When you go on a vacation, you want to have peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are safe and sound. Well, the best and easiest solution to make sure your stuff is always protected is to get a high-quality, fire resistant safe.

With that in mind, GTA Gardex is your best option, as we have exactly what you need. With more than 20 years in the business, GTA Gardex offers safes and certified filing cabinets that will ensure full security and protection for your valuables against all sorts of perils such as falls, theft, explosion or fire.

When you think GTA Gardex, you think safety, security, and peace of mind.

The importance of having a safe

When it comes to continuity planning, you should always keep in mind that getting a safe or fire-resistant filing cabinet is an integral component of your security. Since different people have different needs, the Gardex File Cabinet Service is very diverse to ensure that each need is taken care of.

Gardex fireproof safes and filing cabinets were designed with the help of the latest CAD/CAM technology, including robotic welding, laser machines, brakes, cutting edge CNC turret punches, state of the art forming and cutting equipment to ensure maximum quality, consistency, and repeatability of products.

That’s exactly why Gardex should be your option number one when it comes to the security of your valuables.

Fire-resistant, top quality safes should be used to keep your valuables safely stored and protected from water damage, burglary, fires, and so on. Practice safe usage and your possessions will always be exactly where you’ve left them.

When it comes to the security of your valuables, precious possessions, important documents, legal format file and letter alike, against any kind of high fall, explosion, burglary, theft, and explosion, Gardex is your best option.

Since you can never know when a possible disaster might occur, protecting your valuables at all times against fire, flood or burglary should be your top priority. Whether at the office or home, taking smart security measures will help keep your possessions intact.

All valuables and items which are irreplaceable should be kept in at least one safe, as this is vital for having peace of mind while you’re on vacation or traveling.

Safes provide invaluable protection

image4 2Nothing can replace your valuables once they’re gone, so having one or more safes offers invaluable protection. And it’s not just about your financial security.

Most people keep precious valuables that evoke certain feelings and emotions related to their dear ones, and these items are simply priceless. Losing them is like losing a part of your memory, which is irreplaceable.

Because of that, important documents like business contracts, pictures, home videos, house deeds, marriage and birth certificates, and so on, are best preserved in a safe. Aside from security and protection, safes are an excellent way to keep important documents in good condition.

Gardex is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality, fail-safe products that will ensure the maximum level of protection that will exceed your expectations, but most importantly, satisfy your exact needs.

Successfully store your critical records and protect them from any disaster or human act.

The types of safes

There are four types of Gardex fireproof safes:

  • Grand Prix GX-Series Fire Rated Safes
  • Electronic Media Fire Rated Safes
  • Front-Load Depository Safes
  • Utility Safes

Fire rated safes

image1 1

Fire rated safes are a must when it comes to continuity planning. Proprietary and irreplaceable valuables, documents and information, in general, should be kept safe and protected from any type of damage or destructions.

Certified impact and fire rated safes were mostly intended for commercial purposes, as any business possesses a lot of important documents that are precious to their activities.

Since commercial spaces are prone to various perils like floods and fire, as well as theft, a business needs to properly protect such critical documents and every other piece of information vital to their operations.

Accounts receivable information, proprietary intellectual property, HR and insurance records and so on, all of this on-site information needs adequate protection, and Grand Prix GX-Series Fire Rated Safes excel at providing the highest levels of proprietary and exclusive protection.

Electronic media safes

image2 2

When it comes to your valuables, possessions, and all other important documents and critical records, it’s always better to be prepared for any type of accident or disaster. Any type of valuable and vital records stored on electronic media will be safe if stored in an electronic media safe.

This can be extremely valuable to various types of e-commerce businesses that are required to keep loads of vital information on various forms of electronic media.

Since these pieces of information are crucial to the success of such businesses, losing them is not an option. If not stored properly, they can be hacked and stolen, damaged or broken, destroyed by flood or fire.

In all of those cases, a successful recovery is virtually impossible. Therefore, insulate your vital information with the highest-quality, state of the art electronic media safes.

Front-load depository safes

When it comes to your valuables and the safety of your home, robbery and theft can leave you in a very bad situation, not to mention natural and other types of disasters. The same goes for your office.

If you keep a lot of precious items and documents at home or in your office, robbery might be your biggest problem. Well, you can easily solve this one by getting a front-load depository fireproof safe.

Also known as a cash depository safe, this type of safe is mostly favored by convenience stores, delivery services, restaurants, clothing stores, gas stations, and so on. They are practical and simply perfect for hold-up protection and cash management.

With an authorized removal and one-way security system, your deposits will be safe and sound at all times.

Utility safes

Utility safes are best for cash management and protection against robbery. If you keep a lot of jewelry, precious items, valuables, and cash at home or in your office, getting one or more utility safes will be just the right measure of precaution you need to have peace of mind whenever you’re not around.

Enjoy the highest standard of ultimate security and protection with the top quality GTA Gardex safes.

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