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Gardex Filing Cabinets and Gardex Safes come as the result of a continuous 40 year-long work of Gardex, a Québec-based company. Over time, we have perfected our production processes, and we use cutting edge technologies to make the most reliable filing cabinets and safes in Canada to the highest industry standards.

Whether you are running a personal or business operation, continuity planning is vital for ensuring the safety of your operation. Gardex is here to help you protect the most valuable assets of your operation, including the files. Gardex filing cabinet, as well as the Gardex safe, are equipped to sustain the devastating damage only a fire disaster can cause

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Whether you decide to store information on paper on a USB thumb drive, placing it in the fire-resistant Gardex Filing Cabinet or Gardex Safe will protect it and enable you to recover it undamaged, even after a devastating fire.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to storing and protecting your on-site information. 

We provide solutions to all types of industries including, business, education, health, insurance, automotive and the travel industry.

Bellow, you will find more information about our products, their features, benefits, and professional uses.








Filing Cabinets

Secure Your Document with a Gardex Filing Cabinet

To guarantee you complete security, we had Gardex Filing Cabinets tested against fire. All our filing cabinets come with U.L. LISTED 177°C (350°F) – 1 HOUR fire label. Incorporating our filing cabinets in your offices is easy. With elegant texture and style, our cabinets can be a nice addition to any interior.


All our vertical and lateral Gardex Filing Cabinets come with a set of distinctive features.

UL Class 350 1-Hour Fire Rating

In case of a fire outbreak, you risk losing more than just furniture and electronics – you can also lose your business papers. It doesn’t matter if you keep them in regular metal cabinets, your papers won’t be able to withstand fire, they will catch flame, and you will end up without some of your most valuable papers.

And even if you insure your papers, you won’t be able to collect the insurance money in the real value of the information you’ve just lost. Gardex Filling Cabinets are UL CLass 350 1-Hour Fire rated. This guarantees safety and protection to your documents, even if the entire office goes down in flame.


Gardex Safes

Fireproof Safes

In our effort to help the business owners and individuals properly protect critical documents from potentially devastating fire and theft, we designed and built the fireproof Gardex Safes.

Whether you have proprietary intellectual property, accounts receivable information, HR records, or insurance records to store, Gardex Safe is the solution you have been looking for. Our safes are tested for fire resistance, and against explosion and high fall damage.

We know that every business has its unique needs and requirements, which is why we have four completely different fire-insulated Gardex Safe solutions:

  • “Grand Prix” GX-Series Fire Rated Safes
  • Electronic Media Fire Rated Safes
  • Front-Load Depository Safes
  • Utility Safes

Secure Your Documents with a Gardex Filing Cabinet or Safe

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The Gardex offer includes four completely different Gardex Safes. Assess your business or personal needs and choose the one that complements them.

Gardex combination locks are very easy to use, even if you have no prior experience with safes. The safe handles are ergonomically designed to support effortless use.

With a UL®-listed combination lock, class B insurance rating, and 1/2″ thick high-strength steel door, you can rest assured that your critical records, cash, and credit cards will remain safe and away from prying eyes, and protected against fire.

Depository and Utility safes feature a convenient front load to help you reduce the time needed for using a safe. If this feature makes you insecure, you can always use the security cover to block the front load slot.

Gardex offers a great warranty program to its customers. If you identify any defects in materials and workmanship, you will get a new safe. You also get the lifetime fire replacement warranty you can call upon if your safe gets damaged in a fire.

Gardex Safes are excellent protection against robbery and fire. This is why they have found many uses. They are a perfect solution for:

  • Retail environments
  • Hospitals
  • Attorney offices
  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Delivery services
  • Homes



general questions

Your document storage solution should not be complicated. Check out our FAQ and see if we can answer your question. If not, please reach out.

Gardex fire insulated filing cabinets are designed to meet the requirements of different niches. We are happy to share with you that they have found their use across the Law Society of Ontario.

After all, lawyers keep valuable recordings on their clients and their cases, and our filing cabinets have proven safe enough for dozens of our customers to keep their records inside.

Since Gardex fireproof filing cabinets are a modern way to protect files against fire, they have also found use in hospitals, private medical practice centers, and so on.

 Some people install them in their homes for safekeeping of important documents such as passports, annual tax returns, wills, social security cards, and birth certificates.

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