Almost all offices deal with a lot of files and paperwork daily. And these files could include essential staff, client, or company-related information. As a result, protecting these files from damage, loss, or theft is a major priority. But how? Thankfully, this can be achieved with proper office storage units like filing cabinets.

Filing cabinets perform several functions that help improve everyday operations. The police department, medical offices, law firms and many other corporate outfits still use this type of filing system, and it’s not a coincidence. It is mainly the most common and essential office tool.

The purpose of a filing cabinet – Gardex filing cabinets

File cabinets have been around for a long time, and it is not going anywhere any time soon. So, what’s the big secret? Why are they still in use even in this digital age? Why do they remain essential for most offices? Let’s find out, shall we?

  1. Stores a lot and saves space

Gardex file cabinets can keep a large number of files without taking up office space. The cabinets hold your files neatly and keep your office organized.

  1.      Easy retrieval

With file cabinets, you can retrieve your files, since they’re stored in categories and most times with tags. When you need a file or folder, you can sort them out easily because you know exactly where to look! This makes things a lot faster and increases productivity in the workplace.

  1.      Security

With Gardex file cabinets, you don’t need to worry about hacking? It keeps and safeguards essential documents and vital information. They come with various types of reliable locks that keep your files and folders safe. Also, file cabinets are fireproof – an added advantage in case of possible damages.

Benefits of Gardex file cabinet services

Yes, file cabinets are vital. But they also develop faults from time to time. It could be problems with the pushbuttons, handles, locks, or jammed drawers. When this occurs, you may think replacing the file cabinet is the right decision – not really.

You don’t need to replace the entire file cabinet; this is where Gardex Filing Cabinet Service Company comes in. Here are some services they offer:

  •       New lock installations

The primary essence of file cabinets is to secure your files and folders. If the lock is not secure, then it’s time for you to change it and install a more reliable one.

When you do this, you will not only be upgrading the security of your cabinet, but you’ll also be spending less money. You can’t compare the cost of installing a new lock to buying a new cabinet.

  •       Lock repairs

A broken lock doesn’t mean that your file cabinet is condemned, all you need is a repair, and it can be done fast and easy! Buying a new cabinet, apart from the cost, requires a lot of planning and logistics. Save yourself all that stress and call a Cabinet Service company instead.

  •       Change combination on dials and keypads

When an employee who has access to your filing cabinet combination leaves, it’s only reasonable to change it! Some offices also opt to change theirs from time to time for security reasons.

This requires an expert. They will have it fixed within a short time, so yes, you won’t need a new cabinet.

  •       Jammed drawers

Ever experienced a jammed drawer especially when you need to access a file urgently? Well, don’t fret; a professional file cabinet Service company will get the drawers working again.

  •       Damaged pushbuttons and handles

When your file cabinet pushbuttons and handles stop working, you can barely use it. However, before you replace the cabinet due to faulty pushbuttons and handles, why not fix them first? You’ll spend less and still enjoy the service for a long time, so it’s a win-win for you.

Gardex file cabinets remain the best filing cabinet Service Company. We specialize in the repair and sales of Gardex Filing Cabinets. So do you want to repair damaged locks, pushbuttons and handles? Do you want to change the combination on dials or keypads? Does the drawer on your filing cabinet keep getting jammed?

 To fix all these and more; contact us today. We also offer moving services; if you’re moving to a new office and need to move your safes and file cabinets, contact us here.

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